Dia de los Muertos!

Dia de los Muertos has always been a big event in my family. My mom and dad are artists and create altars, art and installations all over the state to celebrate the holiday. Here is site they helped build: http://dead.azcentral.com

Naturally, it’s a part of my lifestyle too. Here are some pictures from this week and my adventures celebrating Dia de los Muertos!

 I had to give a group presentation for my arts class at ASU West, so I asked my dad to come down and paint our faces! (Click for a closer look)

 This is one of my dad’s pieces he made. It is called”Rebirth.”

 He painted my face like Corpse Bride…just a bit of teeth showing…

 Shrine necklaces that my mom made.

 Here I am at the fiesta eating a sugar skull lollipop!

Dia de los Muertos begins November 1st at midnight!

Live in the moment!
Love, Maya
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