MAYA IN THE MOMENT TEEN CRAFT: Tulip Color Change Tank Top!

My mom brought home a package of Tulip® Color Change™ 3D Fashion Paint and I couldn’t wait to try it! I wanted a tank to wear over my bathing suit for when I go swimming at my cousin’s house – perfect for decorating, right?

This is the package of paints, it comes in a lot of different colors.

All you need is the Color Change Paint and a white tank top. You can use Tulip® Sticky Fabric Stencilsor freehand. I did both.

Squeeze it on and let it dry for a few hours. It will dry clear. You can see in my pictures that I live in a very dry area, we have gravel in our front yard. No wonder I’m craving the beach!

Here is footage of the paint changing color! Please consider that of all days here in June of Arizona, it was overcast! But when it is super sunny, the colors will become even stronger. And then when you go back in the house, the paint goes invisible again!


See how bright it gets? And this is on a cloudy day!

Live in the moment!
Love, Maya
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