This week I’m hanging out with my little cousin Bella and guess what we’re doing? CRAFTING! Justin Bieber happens to be her favorite singer right now (okay, I think he’s kinda cute too…) so we dedicated the whole day to him! We listened and danced to his music and made these glittery shirts to wear.

                  What you’ll need!        

  • Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets
  • Tulip Beads In a Bottle
  • An iron
  • T-shirt (wash and dry first)
  • Inspiration!!!
  • A cute little girl (optional)
  • 1. Take one of the shimmer sheets (they are like iron on glitter!) and look for the top side that has the thick glossy coating. Use a marker or pen to draw your design. You can also trace it if you want. Once you’ve traced your design or lettering, proceed cutting it out.
    2. Peel off the thick coating of plastic and set them on your shirt how you want them.
    3. If you’re a kid or have never used an iron, get help from an adult. Set the iron on high with no steam. Set a thin cloth on top of design, and press (don’t rub) down for 20 seconds until transfers are set.

    4. Using Beads In A Bottle, add accents all around the outside of each letter to compliment!

                                                                   Bella Approves!!!

    Appreciate every moment!
    Love, Maya