Make a Floppy Spring Hat

 Today’s confession: I designed my project but my mom made it for me. You see I made my first version and well…. let’s just say it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted. My mom is out of town (she is actually at ilovetoCreate in California this week) and she is always my go to person to help me make my project look good. When I called her about what I should do, she told me not to worry and to send her a picture of what I made. She remade it for me exactly the way I wanted, only better!

                                      You need a Beads in a Bottle and Stones, plus a big floppy hat.

 Make the dots in slanted rows across the brim of the hat. Lay the hat down flat and do one side at a time. Add the stones in between. TIP for the Beads in a Bottle……you have to squeeze the tube and then lift it up really fast, and you can’t put the dots too close together or they will glob together. It looks best if you space them out as even as you can.

Keep going all the way around the brim. Add as much as you want! Let one side dry for a few hours and then flip the hat over and do the same thing on the other side.

 There you have it! Perfect for protecting your face from the sun rays, yet looking gorgeous at the same time! (Thanks mom!)

Appreciate every moment!
Love, Maya
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