The key of me

When do I get my song
I’ve been told music lifts you up where you belong
Whispering sweet nothings in your ear
Makes me wish I could hear
The fear
The tear
The joy the happiness music brings
When do I get a chance to sing
Music says life’s a climb
When is it my time
To shine
This isn’t a whine
This is a realization
For the nation
That I’ve been playing someone else’s instrument
 in the key of unoriginality
Instead of integrity
Instead of me

When do I get my song
Now that I know where I belong
i’m not whispering
 I’m singing
in myself
that  I’ve always had
that song in my heart
now I can start
my climb
my time
to shine
playing my own instrument
in the key of me 

Appreciate every moment!
Love, Maya
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