Follow up to my last blog.

School is now in session and i must say, this year is going to be AWESOMEEEE!!!!!
I’m trying my hardest to have a positive attitude!

So far all my teachers are pretty much awesome as well!
The first day though, was pretty tough for me. Just because it was such a huge change from last year.
I actually cried when i got in the car. (lame, right?)
I have no classes with my best friend amy, not even lunch!!
Nevertheless, I’m surviving:) And it could be worse, right?

Anyway, I hope if you are starting a new year of school, that it goes really well!
And if it doesn’t look like it ever will, keep your head up high, things WILL get better,
I promise:)
P.S. I’m not vice-president in orchestra now! We got three new people! Yippeeeeeee!:DD

Appreciate every moment!
Love, Maya
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